Profile of Charity Ostrava (English)

We help people in affliction on the base of human and Christian values without any regard to race, nationality, gender or belief. We offer social help and health services especially for seniors, homeless people, mothers with children, kids and young people, persons with health issues and others, who are in need of help.

Development and setup
Charity Ostrava was founded on the 26.01.1991 by the archbishop of Olomouc as a dedicated institution of the Roman-Catholic Church. In the year of 1996 the right and the commitment of the founder of our organization was given to the Diocese of Ostrava and Opava, whereby an independent juristic part of the Charity was established in the region of Ostrava and Opava. Charity Ostrava belongs to the national Charity association of the Czech Republic which is also a member of the the international confederation of Caritas Internacionalis.

Charity Ostrava is listed in the legal person register of the culture department of the Czech Republic.
Registration number: 8/1-08-718/1996
Date of registration: 30.10.1996
Moreover the Charity Ostrava can be found in the organization register: ICO 44940998 

Statutory representative
The statutory representative is the elected executive director - Bc. Martin Prazak, DiS.

Activities of the Charity Ostrava
We operate in 3complex areas:

A) Comprehensive program to help partially or completely immobile seniors (social services) includes:
B) Comprehensive program to help people in crisis situations (social prevention) includes:
C) Comprehensive program of helping people in the terminal stages of life and long-term sick people (health care services) includes:

Activities that permeates the activities of Caritas centers is .volunteer hospice center and volunteer center of Charity Ostrava.

If you are interested in our activities and want to now more, please conctact us anytime.

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